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Beat co-produced by Scratch 22 and myself featuring Rakaa Iriscience. Availabe here and here.
WSCS Beat produced by the B.A.S Crew and featuring the vocals of rap veteran Teremoana Rapley. This track is anthemic. Play it loud!
CYH Clap Ya Hands is here just in time for summer and alll that goodness summer brings. The track features the live recording of my band, The Overstayers.
safari remix Pure illness delivered to you on a hip-hop platter via the musical skills of the gifted ill.Gates and the talented Steezie Wonder.
salvation Conscious uplifting reggae for your ear drums layered upon a bed of Putorino Rakau Matai played by Dr Richard Nunns.
superhuman remix An online remix competition at brought this grimy version of Superhuman to our attention. ILL!
safari single A collaboration between myself and ill producer, beatmaker and artist Scalper featuring Dr Richard Nunns on karanga manu, puutaatara, hue puru hau and voiceover introduction.
superhuman A monsta collaboration between myself and the mighty Mint Chicks.
hip-hop4life Stating the obvious with this track with Ben Vai on guest vocals.
stand Dropped a couple of versions of this track - this is the original version featuring Luciano on guest vocals.





music video

Sub-Cranium Feeling

Reverse Resistance

U Cant Resist Us feat. Che-Fu



2nd Migration feat. The Overstayer Crew

Lollipop feat. Teremoana Rapley


Saboteur feat.Teremoana Rapley

Elemental Forces

Stand feat. Luciano

Raise Up

music matters

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Dominant Species (LP) 2005 FMR/Warners Music [NZ/AUS] Singles - Raise Up & Lollipop
2nd Round Testament (LP) 2003 FMR [NZ/AUS] Singles - Elemental Forces, Conversate, Stomping, U Can't Resist Us.


Savage Thoughts [LP] 2001 FMR [NZ/AUS] Singles - Reverse Resistance, Screems, Saboteur, 2nd Migration, Method of my Madness,




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